Research Agenda

– Make government perform well and work for the people
– Bridge gaps between normative principles and empirical realities in government performance
– Improve citizen-government interactions
– Apply insights from public administration research to problems of police reform

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

– Kang, I & Jilke, S. (2022). Mapping out the motivational basis of active representation as intergroup behavior. Public Administration (forthcoming).
Kang, I. (2022). Beyond street‐level procedural justice: Social construction, policy shift, and ethnic disparities in confidence in government institutions. Governance35(3), 737-755.

Revise and Resubmit

Kang, I. Body-worn camera, dichotomous demands over street-level bureaucrats, police behavior, Bayesian structural time-series analysis (R&R from Journal of Policy Analysis and Management)
Kang, I. & Lee, C. Recategorization, intergroup conflict, trade-off of symbolic representation, public trust in police (R&R from American Review of Public Administration)

Non-Refereed Publications

Kang, I. (2021, July 2). Why improving police behavior may not be enough. Medium.